Smoke Restoration

Eliminate Smoke and Fire Damage

The chemicals in smoke can cause both aesthetic and structural damage to items in your home or place of business. In the aftermath of a fire, items that escape damage from the flames themselves are often left with a layer of ash and soot covering them. The intense heat of the fire and the chemical makeup of the smoke bonds the ash and soot to surfaces, creating a black layer won't come off with typical cleaning products. Our experienced team at Service Master by AAA can provide the services you need to treat smoke damage.

We offer smoke restoration surfaces to remove smoke damage from :

  • Wood
  • Cloth
  • Plaster
  • Drywall

We use chemical compounds specific to the surface we're working with to remove all smoke damage without compromising the items underneath. Our expert technicians carefully work to return your items back to their original condition. After all visible smoke damage is gone, we use a special deodorant to leave no trace of the smoke behind.

For more information about our smoke restoration services, contact us at 855-788-2225.


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