Signs of Water Damage - What to Look For When Buying a Home

Summertime is primetime in the real estate market. In Utah, many families are preparing to buy or sell homes in the very near future. When purchasing a home, most savvy buyers will purchase a home inspection, which can point out any major flaws or concerns with the home. One of the things that inspectors look for is evidence of water damage. Oftentimes, when you’ve experienced water damage in your home, it is fairly obvious. For example, your toilet overflowed and now your house has 3 inches of standing water. Other times, it is not as obvious, such as when the water has been slowly leaking through a cracked shingle on your roof. Whether you are in the market for a new home, or just want to maintain the home you are in, here are a few signs that you want to be watching for, both on the exterior and interior of your home that could indicate you have water damage that may need to be addressed in order to prevent any mold growth.


  • Check for problems with downspouts and/or gutters - this could mean that water is not being properly diverted from your home.
  • Look for missing or cracked shingles – a sign that you may have leakage in your attic.
  • Examine exterior windows and door frames to make sure there aren’t any gaps or soft spots which could indicate leaks.


  • Notice any water rings on the ceiling. Are there any soft or sagging spots?
  • Note any recent patch-work or areas of heavy paint on ceilings or walls. This could indicate a previous water damage repair. You want to make sure these “quick fixes” aren’t hiding any water damage spots.
  • Look for any warped or cracked flooring.
  • Check for rust on the water heater, which can indicate a current or past leakage

If you find any evidence of water damage in a home you are about to purchase or a home you currently own, you will want to call in a professional such as ServiceMaster Restore by AAA. We can evaluate if there is currently moisture in the home, and advise regarding the possibility of mold. We always provide free estimates. ServiceMaster Restore by AAA is your best choice for disaster restoration in the state of Utah. We have locations in Lehi, Cedar City and St. George, Utah and service parts of Nevada as well. We are available 24/7 at 855-788-2225.

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