Frozen Hose Bib Springtime Edition

Spring is here in Utah. The weather is beginning to warm up and most people are getting ready to get outside and begin watering their lawns or washing their cars. Sometimes, when using a hose bib for the first time, a person can go outside, wash the car and come back inside hours later to discover their basement has flooded. At ServiceMaster Restore by AAA, we see this very frequently in the springtime. The water damage is caused by a hose bib, which froze during the winter. Flooding can occur when a broken or frozen hose bib in the wall shoots water into the wall cavity and then back into the house. When starting to water for the first time after the winter, there are a few steps you can take to help you identify if you may have a problem and how to minimize the damage due to a frozen hose bib.

1. Turn the valve on slowly when using for the first time this season

2. Listen for any leaks inside the wall

3. Look for any exterior or interior leaking or dripping

Remember that most homes have more than one hose bib, so be sure to repeat these steps for all hose bibs in the home.

As we mentioned in the first video, you usually won’t know your hose bib is broken until the springtime when you use your hose for the first time.

It is typical that most people are concerned mainly about carpet and pad. Our biggest concern is what’s behind the wall, sill plate insulation end a vapor barrier of plastic. We see a lot of people trying to do this on their own and the end up with mold problems because they only dry what they can see.

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