Dollars To Donuts

Posted By Dan Seaman

Just the other day an insurance agent client of mine used the idiom, "dollars to donuts." I found it particularly amusing because as he said it, I happened to be staring at a box of donuts that a vendor had delivered to his office in the hope of "earning his business."

In my industry "donuts" come in many different forms; notepads, gift cards for restaurants, flashlights, mousepads etc. Whether it's an auto body shop or a property restoration company, many vendors use these types of giveaways to build "brand awareness" or to remain "top of mind" with customers and prospects. I even have a few "donuts" I leave behind. I have even had some success with them. But I think my clients should expect much more from me as a strategic partner.

In order for a strategic partnership to be legitimate, there has to be a net gain for each party. In my opinion, the gain ought to be as close to equal for each party as possible. As such, I have made it a goal to study the needs of my clients. I am just as much of a student of their profession as I am of my own. I make growing their business my business.

Back to the donuts.. When someone says "I'll bet you dollars to donuts," what they are saying is that they would wager something of great value, against something of relatively no value, as an assertion of assuredness concerning their point.

I am willing to bet dollars to donuts that successful insurance professionals care a whole lot more about growing their business through attracting new clients and retaining them than they do about "donuts." I have a proven method of guaranteeing exactly this for my partners. I credit whatever level of success I have had to this belief and the execution of it.

If you are an insurance professional, I'd love to hear your opinion on "donuts" vs. dollars in the comments below.

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