How Much Is A Reputation Worth?

Posted by Dan Seaman

I have never paid that much attention to Brian Williams. I certainly know who he is and have enjoyed the highly entertaining splice ups of him singing pop tunes on Jimmy Fallon's show. But I mostly get my news from sources other than his Nightly News Program.

Now that he has gotten himself into some hot water after being caught "misrepresenting" facts surrounding his coverage of Iraq, his career is in trouble. This has me thinking about my own reputation and the reputation of my business and what I can do to to protect it from possible harm.

In my business, like most businesses, there is nothing more valuable than reputation. Our reputation is why people partner with us. It's why they hire us. I couldn't possibly assign a value to a good reputation. Every day I remind my employees of this truth.

I've been in the disaster restoration business long enough to know that despite our best efforts, and unbeknownst to us, we run the risk of doing things that can damage our reputation. But here are the ways we work to minimize the risk.

  • Listen. We listen to what our clients need and then make sure we have a clear understanding of their expectations before we proceed with any assignment.
  • Communication. We communicate frequently, often times daily with our clients. Whether it's to report progress or a lack thereof. I have only had one person complain that we communicate too much. I can live with these types of complaints.
  • Respect. All of our clients get the same level of respect regardless of socioeconomic class or size of the job.
  • Help Others. Whether it's inside the walls of our own business or our clients, we strive to help everyone we come in contact with. We are part of a team. We look for opportunities to serve before we are asked.
  • Follow Through With Commitments. We don't make promises we can't keep. We don't agree to do things we can't do. We set expectations that can be met and exceeded.
  • Be Honest. It's a shame that I would even need to list this ultimate no-brainer. We are in the contracting business. Opportunities to take advantage are rampant. We strive for and live by a code of ethics that allows us to maintain our integrity at all times. If we fail here as a business, we also fail our team and the individuals that we have stewardship over.

It is my personal belief that if we as individuals and as a team strive to follow these principles, we will also enjoy the great outcomes that follow.

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