Space Heaters a Potential Cause of Fire Damage

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Are electric space heaters present in your home or office? If so, take a moment to read over these safety tips. These devices are for supplemental heat and not meant to replace the heating system of the home or office. If used incorrectly they can cause fire damage to your home.

  • Never leave an electric space heater unattended while it is in operation.
  • Make sure your electric space heater is placed on a level surface where pets and children cannot reach it.
  • Ensure your electric space heater is at least 3 feet away from materials that can easily catch fire such as; furniture, bedding and drapes.
  • Be mindful of the electrical cord. Make sure it will not pose a tripping hazard.
  • Do not use an electric space heater near water or in damp conditions.
  • Plug your electric space heater into the wall. If an extension cord is needed use a heavy-duty cord of 14-guage wire or larger.
  • Look for the UL Mark on your electric heater. This means representative samples of the appliance have met UL's stringent safety standards. Posted by Dan Seaman
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