The Phenomenon of Soot Tags

We recently responded to a house fire in Heber City, Utah.

Our customer returned to her home in the evening to find heavy smoke coming out of her windows. As part of the fire fighting efforts, the fire department had to cut electrical service to the home.

Without a light source the homeowner was unable to survey the damage. After we arrived to do an initial walk through of her home, equipped with our flashlights, she began to notice very dark "spider webs" on the walls. The "spider webs" are actual known as "soot tags".

As smoke/soot circulates through a home during a fire, the heat will move towards cold as the air seeks equilibrium within its environment. In areas of lower circulation the soot will form what is known as "soot tags". Soot tags form when synthetic/petroleum based sources burn. Our customers frequently mistake the soot tags as smoke that has attached itself to spider webs that were present during the fire. In fact, they are new unique chains of soot that gather in low areas of concentration.


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